Volume Scroll

Volume Scroll

control your mac main volume by scrolling on the top menubar

if you are having problem updating to the latest version please click here to download the dmg file.


Update bug.


Support for OSX 10.10 Yosemite.
embarrassing spelling mistakes.


fixed an issue with updating sandbox apps.
you may need to update manually.


added to option to invert the font color for those who have a black menu bar.


Important: fixed an issue memory leaks.


fixed an issue with volume indicator not showing the correct value.


added the option to control the volume indicator font size.

small improvement in external volume change response.


fixed a bug in last version.


added an option to reverse the Trackpad scrolling for those who use "natural" scrolling direction.

added an option to use this on the Dock as well. you will find this in the option window if you wish to enable it


fixed an issue with saving sliders state.

fixed an issue when changing the volume not using the app it didn't show next to the icon .

fixed mute indication next to the icon .


added a second sensitivity slider to separately control the sensitivity of mouse scroll and magic mouse + trackpad




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